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Internship building a tool for monitoring Linux kernel vulnerabilities

Netherlands, Noord-Holland, AmsterdamInternships

Job description

🔐🤝The Securify Match

There is no universal degree or certification for creative thinkers with a well-developed hacker mindset. Our team therefore consists of players with different backgrounds. What you recognize in everyone is an intrinsic drive and passion to contribute to (cyber) security!

At Securify we are fully focused on security. Our society and organizations are increasingly dependent on software, apps and networks. Since we were founded over 10 years ago, cyber security has been central to us! It includes our most personal information and the totality of most business activities. We even entrust our health and lives to software. It is everywhere, impossible to ignore and growing at an unprecedented rate. Our mission is to help companies build, use and secure software in a responsible and safe way. This is how we want to put an end to the flow of major data leaks and incidents and thus create a safer digital future! For this we are looking for a passionate hero to expand!

🧑‍💻Your work environment

You will end up in a cozy, informal environment with a team of like-minded colleagues who are enthusiastic about their profession. You have a very varied job as our clients are in different sectors, from small new start-ups to Top 100 companies. Of course we regularly have epic dinners with the whole team and we close the week with a cozy drink that we often combine with random talks from colleagues. About all kinds of topics such as security research, the best sale of the week, trips to security conferences, but also your own hobbies such as brewing beer. Lunch is provided, fruit is available in abundance every day, and on "Pattata Friday" we all go out together.

🚀Your assignment

You will design and build a tool for monitoring Linux kernel vulnerabilities versus what bits of the Linux kernel are running on machines. So one side of the tool checks for published vulnerabilities, the other side checks state, and then it compares the two.

During your internship period, we expect you to carry out your research independently. It is therefore really a research (hands-on) and not a co-operative internship. You will have a permanent supervisor and also access to our entire team.

Job requirements

📚What we expect from you

  • You are in the final year of a relevant IT/Cyber Security study
  • You have hands-on programming and code experience: C or python or Go preferred
  • You are driven with a passion for information security
  • You are proficient in both Dutch and English orally and in writing and you live in the Netherlands
  • You are completely independent, can manage your own time and know when to ask for help
  • You are motivated and a team player
  • You are honest and understand that we work with highly confidential information
  • You are willing to go through our screening and sign an NDA

🧡What you can expect from us

  • The opportunity to work with our security and IT specialists
  • Flexible working hours and possibility to work in the office or at home
  • An informal working environment with a lot of (technical) experience in which everyone likes to share their knowledge
  • Internship compensation
  • In addition, of course, the basic things such as Macbook, lunch, hoodie, etc.